Thank you for choosing to dance with us this year and becoming part of our Legacy family!

First Off-Site Rehearsal – We will select a date in May to go to an off-site venue to rehearse. The venue will be announced at a later date. This will be a rough rehearsal so please do not judge anything about this rehearsal. This is just to get the students out of the studio and into unfamiliar surroundings and learning to find their spots on the “stage”. It is also to familiarize them with the flow of the recital. Yes, this will appear to be unorganized but you can help us with this by talking to your student before the rehearsal and asking them not to run around and to stay seated and quiet while others are rehearsing. They will be asked to come to center stage upon arrival and stretch and then their team captain will take them with their class to learn to lineup for each dance. They are to wear all black dancewear and their hair should be back in a bun or ponytail.

Full Dress Rehearsal – Friday, June 2, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Jackson Theatre, Arrive at 4:30 pm. Rehearsal begins at 6:00 pm sharp. This will be the full dress rehearsal. Costumes, Hair and Makeup should be as if it were the real show. Your teacher will discuss this with you in detail.

 Recital – Saturday, June 3, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Jackson Theatre. Arrive at 4:30 pm with your Makeup and Hair ready for your first dance. Show begins at 6:00 pm.

Recital Tickets
Each student will receive 4 FREE tickets for the lower level. New this year – the balcony tickets will be $5 each. The money raised from ticket sales will go to graduating senior scholarships.